My Holiday Box - OH CHEERY DAYS (2)

Green tones

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Create a truly unique and heartfelt gift with our OH CHEERY DAYS Holiday Gift Box! This mesmerizing red collection features a curated selection of baby essentials, including our plush dragon OH GRACIOUS, a 60 cm x 60 cm organic cotton swaddle WRAP ME, a versatile pacifier holder CARRY ME, a soothing teether SOOTHE ME, and a timeless BIBS pacifier. All beautifully presented in a signature mimi et lulu suitcase and accompanied by an organic tote bag. Personalize these beautiful items with a name in English or Chinese, creating a gift that's as special as the little one receiving it.

This baby gift set includes:
- a dragon plush OH GRACIOUS
- a swaddle 60 cm x 60 cm WRAP ME
- a pacifier holder CARRY ME
- a teether SOOTHE ME
- a BIBS
® pacifier PEACE & LOVE
- a suitcase and organic tote bag TAKE ME ALONG

If personalized in English: you can personalize the swaddle 60 cm x 60 cm WRAP ME, the tiger OH PRECIOUS, the pacifier holder CARRY ME, and the organic tote bag.
If personalized in Chinese or any other script not using Latin characters: you can personalize the swaddle 60 cm x 60 cm WRAP ME, the tiger OH PRECIOUS, and the organic tote bag. Unfortunately, pacifier holders cannot be personalized with Chinese characters at this time.