Bibs pacifiers are carefully designed and manufactured in Denmark since the 80’s to soothe and comfort babies by supporting their instinctive needs to suckle.

They were designed for the well-being of our little ones! They have the particularity to be made of organic natural rubber, BPA free and phthalate free for the safety of our babies. Their specificity also comes from the rubber that is durable, flexible and ventilated, and allows our babies to easily extract air from the pacifier. Designed to avoid contact of the pacifier with the skin (and therefore irritation) thanks to their ergonomic shape (rounded outwards), our babies will feel so comfy with them! Also, the size of the nipple is reminiscent of the mom’s breast. Your little one will adopt it very quickly and will never part with it!

As parents you will have a lot of fun to make it a fashion accessory by matching your babies pacifiers to their outfits of the day and the mimi et lulu pacifier holder! It is in our studio that we carefully selected the most trendy colours to match them with our collection.

Before the first use, sterilize the nipple, for this, immerse the pacifier in boiling water for 2 mins maximum, do not put in the dishwasher or in the sterilizer.


Collar diameter: 45 mm

- Size 1 (from 0-6 months): 
27 x 15 mm
- Size 2 (from 6-18 months): 30 x 14 mm
- Size 3 (from 18 months): 33 x 18 mm)

We hope your baby will enjoy them as much as we do!

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