30th Day Celebration and Man Yue (满月)

Also called the Man Yue (满月) celebration, the 30th Day Celebration is held for the more traditional Chinese families. Man Yue, translated “Full Moon”, is celebrated a month after the baby is born. 30 days indeed represents the cycle of a full moon.

The 30th day marked the end of the delicate and vulnerable newborn stage. Indeed, in the old days, for a by to survive the first month was not as common as nowadays and was actually worth a celebration!

Parents would typically offer the guests red boiled eggs that symbolise good luck, fertility and new life. The round shape of the egg represents unity and harmony.

Gift Ideas
for 30th Day and Man Yue Celebrations (满月)

Choose a gift with red colors that symbolize good fortune. Get the plush that matches the animal of the year of birth as well to make it even more special! Those baby gift hampers can be personalized with baby's name

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